$199.00 USD

Removing Resistance

Do you enjoy repeating the same loops you're sick of?  It doesn't have to be hard to unlearn these patterns when you can better understand them.  All it needs is ready-ness.  That includes commitment, focus and intention.  Why wait to Remove the Resistance you face in your daily grind?
It's a simple word...YES.   That's all it takes to start a journey investing into YOU! 
No one can live your life for you becuase it's your life and you can make it beautiful and create a flow to freedom from anything that might be holding you back.  Know yourself and embrace your true potential.  The journey goes gently as deep as you're ready when you say yes. You have what it takes. Find your Grace and Love Observing your Whole self.  Step into your GLOW! 

What you'll get:

  • 30 day Journey including...
    * Daily workbook with summary and inspiration.
    * Guided meditations
    * Journaling prompts
    * Movement
    * Encouragement along the way with messages throughout your journey
    * Join the AfterGLOW weekly zoom meeting to connect, ask questions and share!