We are three like-minded women who are growing our passion for healing others.


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Hi There! I’m Charlene


I have more than 2 decades of experience working with clients who suffer with diagnoses such as trauma, chronic pain or have complex medical cases that involve the body on multiple levels beyond just the physical and emotional effects from an injury or life experience. My training as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is combined with multiple movement strategies, such as yoga, animal movements or other functional movement techniques specifically planned for precise reactivation to help retrain, release and restore the body for freedom in movement.  Using targeted unique and fun strategies with hands on techniques, my clients will find progress towards restoring their health.

Besides my family, one of my greatest joys in life is expanding my own understanding, skills and mind while strategizing all the ways to help support my clients' to heal their bodies and open space for a healthy mind.  It brings me great honor to get to be a part of someone's journey back to health so they can fulfill their purpose.  Taking continuing education courses multiple times per year, constant studying or meeting up for study groups, consulting with my highly accomplished therapists from around the world has allowed me a humble and unique but comprehensive approach with my clients.  I feel incredibly blessed with a support network and an insatiable thirst for constant learning.  I truly love what I do.

My promise to Finding GLOW is to create coursework that will inspire and challenge anyone from any background or situation.  My goal is to use a creative, unique and non-linear approach to help you reach deeper.  I believe there is no room for judgement as we each have our own experiences and perception.  I will lovingly challenge, encourage and support you through your journey with Finding GLOW.

Hello! I’m Kim


I grew up as a Christian missionary kid traveling the world dancing and telling people about the love of Jesus. I was raised with an awareness that what you eat changes how you feel. My mom was sick a lot and her nutritional journey has taught me the importance of holistic health. Over a ten-year period I went to school for natural health and holistic nutrition, and began life coaching on my own. I also worked part-time for a chiropractor which started my career and built my passion for Energy Work. After my divorce, I went back to school to advance my skills and became a CranioSacral Therapist majoring in healing triggers from past traumas. My own healing journey took me from a codependent, verbally abused woman to a strong, self assured single mom grounded in my strength and unconditional love.

I’m Heidi, so glad to meet you!


We ask a lot of you here at FindingGLOW! However, nothing asked of you has not already been trudged through by each of us. 

I humbly introduce myself as one who has grown immensely through our programs, and continues to seek the abundance GOD has for me. 

My name is Heidi. I was born and raised in Sin City! My parents gave me love, but a lot of my environment created my first ideas about life, social interaction, and self.  It was there, in high school, I met my now ex-husband. We moved to WA with two very young boys to raise them in a different environment. There I had 2 more pregnancies. My daughter is still at home with me and while going through high school.  My boys are grown and on their own. My princess and I have been called to Montana which is where we currently reside. 

My aspirations once I got pregnant was fixed on being a great mom with the capability to always be available for my children. Teaching yoga and massage therapy has been a gift for me. I have loved my job and it allowed me to be involved with my children as they grew. 

Now in Montana my focus has changed a bit. I work with an anti human trafficking organization. I am working on a retreat center which will encompass anti-human trafficking awareness, yoga, functional movement, fitness courses, and Finding GLOW programs.  

Finding GLOW, will eventually have multiple facilities for you to vacate to. You will be able to experience a luxurious atmosphere, while going through the programs, at your leisure. 

I thought I loved my life. When I got to be still and reflect, I was awarded the time and space to do the work it takes to process, heal old wounds, and come to a place of serenity. Mind, body and soul all in agreement to embrace life to its fullest potential. Joy is abundantly available once you learn to clear old trauma. 

Charlene, Kim, and I have a passion to share GODs love with you! Where ever you are at right now is the perfect launching pad for finding your GLOW. I look forward to connecting with you. 


Our Special Thank you to our GLOW community...

Despite your circumstances you have allowed us to dream with you.  You have shown up, done the work and welcomed change!  Through discovering you GLOW, your environment has changed.  Your perspective is new. You have altered the way you interact.  Because of all your efforts, you now offer grace and love where you hadn't previously. 

Being a part of that transformation is so very humbling.  You take our breath away while awakening all our senses.  As you have forged through the program, you have inspired those around you, us included, to go after more in life and be ambitious with each day. 

Thank you for being vulnerable!  Thank you for conquering difficulties!  Thank you for dreaming!!

Because of you, more can find their G.L.O.W.

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